LInk for Word Study Cards
This link has word study cards that teachers can use to teach word parts and their meanings.
I found this post on proteacher. This is how one teacher uses the stems.

I introduce 5 stems a week. This is what my format looks like. I use the four column note system.
Monday--introduce the stems and guess the meaning based upon previous knowledge. Give the correct meaning.
Tuesday- write as many words that they know using each stem. If they don't know a words, then I will give them a few examples.
Wednesday--They draw a picturure on their sheet. Then I break them into 5 groups and they draw a picture to demonstrate the meaning of the stem. I then cover the stem up (I write the stem and meaning on the index card for our word stem wall) and they guess the stem based upon the picture.
Thursday-- We act out the word stem and let others guess and then they write one sentence using each stem. The sentence must contain one word from the stem and it has to be used in correct context.
Friday--They get a 5 question quiz and then every other Friday they get a 10 question quiz on that week's stem and reviewing the previous week.

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